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Enjoy Tantric Massage in London at the Temple

True intimacy begins with knowing yourself. And what better way to explore the sacred sexuality that lies at the core of all humans than practicing Tantra?

Tantric massage, which can be seen as a form of sexual therapy, is based on the esoteric traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism that weaves together body, mind, and spirit.

Tantra is more than just heightened sexual arousal and endless waves of erotic pleasure. It is the perfect practice for couples longing to deepen their relationship with each other, and singles eager to explore a deeper connection with self. Regular tantric practice strips away layers of fear, anxiety, and mental blocks that prevent you from embracing your unbridled spirit.

The goal of Tantra is to release the flow of free energy within the body that is usually blocked by guilt, shame, or any other negative emotions. It allows your relationships to enjoy an even deeper level of intimacy beyond physical boundaries.

Are you keen to uncover your sacred sexuality in a safe and comfortable environment? The Tantric Massage Temple in London delivers that and more with our skilled Tantric goddesses ready to captivate you with their sensuality, beauty, and passion.

You will experience waves of intense pleasure all over your body as your goddess massages your body and unblocks your energy centers, known as chakras. No rush, no pressure, just a calm environment that invites you to explore the ancient art at your own pace.

The Tantric Massage Experience

Erotic massage is a type of sensual massage that aims to increase sexual stimulation.

Unlike regular erotic massage that focuses on massaging of the erogenous zones to achieve sexual arousal that culminates in an orgasm, tantric massage redistributes your sexual energy throughout your body causing intense waves of orgasmic pleasure. There is an exchange of spiritual energy between a receiver, which is you, and a giver, which is our naked Tantric goddess designated to meet your every need.

Whether you’re new to tantric massage in London or a regular, your goddess will ensure that you feel at ease. With aromatic scents and ambient music tantalizing your senses, you’ll soon succumb to her gentle hands intimately caressing your body.

You will learn how to channel your inner spiritual energies in a way that controls, enhances, and maximizes your sexual and emotional experiences as you grow stronger in your Tantric practice.


For the newcomers to the Temple...

If you are new to tantric massage... We provide tantric massage to men, women and couples in London. Start to spice up you lovelife by unlocking the power of Tantra!

We also bring you the delights of nuru, sensual, prostate, lingam and body to body massage. Not to mention the exotic 4 hands massage services.

We really hope that you embark on your tantric journey with the skilled masseuses at Tantric Temple.

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The power of a Tantra breath

Your breath is what keeps you alive by ensuring that your body receives the necessary oxygen, but did you know that how you breathe also affects your mental and emotional well-being?

When you practice Tantra, you learn to become conscious of your breathing so that you can control the way your energy flows within your body.

When you can control the flow of energy within your body, you can control your sexual responses. For a woman, controlling your breath allows you to experience longer, deeper orgasms and become a multi-orgasmic being. For a man, when you control your breath, it allows for much more controlled ejaculation and the length and quality of your orgasms also becomes far superior.

Intimacy and spirituality

By engaging in this intimate behavior your brain will be flooded your brain with oxytocin which promotes attachment. The intense intimacy of Tantra, therefore, creates a strong body, mind, and spiritual connection between you and your partner. When further connected through Tantric breathing, you will delight in the seemingly contradictory experience of being aroused and relaxed, out of control and completely in control, all at the same time.
At Tantric Massage Temple, we’ll arm you with all the necessary tips, tools, and tricks for fully exploring you and your partner’s sexual capabilities, such as extended longevity and enhanced sexual gratification. Our sessions can be customized to suit your innermost needs if so required.

The Benefits of Erotic Massage in Central London

When you incorporate Tantric massage into your life, lovemaking becomes a sacred experience that pervades all senses and manifests in every area of your life, not just the bedroom.

The power of Tantra is not limited to heightened sexual satisfaction and enhanced sexual performance. All forms of erotic massage also relax and rejuvenate the body and regulate blood flow. Erotic massage relieves stress and helps treat anxiety and common psychological problems.

Overall, it results in a better quality of living, improved self-confidence, and increased vitality. Your breath becomes your secret weapon against negative emotions, such as anger and anxiety, when you’re familiar with Tantric breathing techniques.

Which type of massage tickles your fancy?

When it comes to sensuous massage, Tantric Massage Temple in London offers you a titillating choice of Tantric massages, including Prostate, Lingam, and Yoni massage.

Prostate massage

With a Prostate massage, your goddess gently stimulates your prostate gland from the outside and then the inside, resulting in the likelihood of long-lasting orgasms and intense ejaculation.

That’s just on the side of pleasure! The health benefits of regular Prostate massages include the reduced risk of prostate cancer, erectile dysfunction, and swelling due to a build-up of bacteria due to stagnant semen.

How do you know if you need a Prostate massage? If you’re struggling with premature ejaculation, if you want to reduce the risk of genital disease, or if you want to experience mind-blowing orgasms, then a Prostate massage is right for you.

Lingam massage

If you’re a man who prefers your orgasms delivered in a more traditional way, then a Lingam massage may be more up your alley. During a Lingam massage, your penis becomes the object of your goddess’ attention.

She approaches your penis, meaning “wand of light” when loosely translated from Sanskrit, from a place of respect and adoration. By using a combination of stroking, squeezing, and breath, your goddess circulates and stimulates the sexual energy held in your penis, resulting in intense waves of orgasms throughout the massage.

Yoni massage for women

While a Lingam massage is about revering the penis, a Yoni massage makes a woman’s vagina the center of attention.

During a Yoni massage, your goddess massages your entire body into a state of total relaxation before she skillfully pushes, presses, and stimulates every part of your yoni. You simply breathe and surrender as waves of intense pleasure erupts throughout your body.

A Yoni massage is the perfect solution for women seeking pleasure and release from day-to-day pressures as well as those recovering from sexual or emotional abuse. If you’d like to be a giver in a Yoni worship instead of just a receiver, you can do so through our Unique Yoni Ritual Session where we offer you two goddesses.

More than just a sexual experience, a Yoni massage combines therapy, pleasure, and spirituality to awaken the depths of your sexuality as a woman. You’ll release past pain and trauma and leave Tantra Massage Temple feeling sensual, confident, personally empowered, and grateful for being a woman.

Nuru massage

Feeling playful? Consider a full, naked, body to body Nuru massage.

With this intimate form of massage, both you and your goddess are covered in a special gel as you intimately explore each other’s bodies by slipping and sliding all over one another. The result is a heightened sense of arousal as your whole body becomes an erogenous zone.

Not only does a Nuru massage deliver tremendous pleasure, it comes with a myriad of health benefits.

In addition to stress release, an overall enhancement of sexual performance, and improved physical health that accompanies erotic massage, the gel in a Nuru massage is rich in vitamins and nutrients that hydrate the skin, improve elasticity, and may even prevent cellulite. The ultimate, all-around exercise!



Incall or Outcall Massage in London? You can decide

Our luxury London incall facility is based in Paddington W2, but we offer outcall services across London for your convenience.
If you’re traveling through London, on a busy schedule, or you’d like to experience a tantric massage in the comfort of your own environment, then our outcall service is the perfect option. We offer services in the following areas:

Our outcall services offer a range of tantric massages, including Body to Body, Sensual Nude, Four Hands, Lingam, Yoni, and Prostate massage.

Tips for Tantra at home

Your Tantra experience doesn’t end when you leave Tantric Massage Temple in London. In fact, it’s only the beginning. With your heightened sense of sexual awareness, you would naturally want to include your newfound sexual freedom into your personal relationships.
Make time to prepare instead of rushing into it:

• Schedule specific time in your diary for tantric touch time with your partner.
• Prepare the room by ensuring that it’s comfortable, clean, and smells great.
• Prepare yourself by ensuring that you’re clean, comfortable, and smell great! If possible, maybe you and your partner could shower together for added sensuality.
• Most importantly, be present throughout the whole experience. Pay attention to your breathing while practicing what you’ve been taught by your London Tantric Temple goddess.

Tantra is a lifestyle that promises optimal health and well-being. The more you practice, the better it gets.

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