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What Is Modern Tantric Massage

Tantric massage originates in Asia. It is a sexual-stimulation massage technique that can help to prolong and enhance sexual pleasure. This century’s old procedure involves massaging of erogenous zones on the client. It may be classified as foreplay that does not result in sexual completion.

Buddhist and Hindu religions began the procedure of tantric massage, it has grown from its beginnings. Although tantric massage originated in the Far East, there is an emerging interest in western countries. Neotrantra is a modern derivation of the original tantra which is much more commonly experienced in countries such as India, and Singapore. But it is increasingly getting popular to get this erotic form of massage London.

The massage techniques that are a part of modern tantric massage include touching of breasts, clitoris, buttocks, penis, and other sexual erogenous zones on the client. The purpose is not to fulfill a sexual completion, but rather to enhance the client’s overall sexual fulfillment.

Of course, with every new idea, there are those who are more interested in criticism than in understanding. The original tantric massage was intended to help stimulate individuals who may find their libido suffers from something like stress, age limitations, or other factors that have made their sexual fulfillment less than optimal. Western society has changed the original intent and it has now become more about sexual fulfillment than a long-term goal of sexual healing.

The truth of tantric massage is that it is a spiritual process, not a physical one. When one is at peace with him/her self, then he or she will find a way to connect at a deeper level with their sexual partners.

Tantric massage is about the connections, the feelings, the stimulation, and the peace in a long-term, healing platform. Modern sensual tantric massage is seeking to rejoin with the original purpose of century-old tantric massage and help people to find their own balance, their own center.

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