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5 Reasons to go for a Tantric Massage in London Today

Tantric massage is a highly associated with sensual touch. This makes it the best procedure of an erotic massage. As the name suggests, the massage focuses on sexual pleasure using authentic tantric practice. The benefits are not just the sexual pleasure as the client reap a couple of other medical benefits.

Tantric massage tends to focus on the body most unexplored sexual organ, the skin. The massage technique such as Swedish long strokes and skin kneading concentrate on the millions of nerve ending found on the skin. All this is done in a room conditioned with sweet aromas, dim light and soothing music.

So does it mean tantric massage in London involves sex after such a turn on? No. This is just a misunderstanding regarding the massage. In reality, tantric massage is done by professions who despite nude and the client fully turned on there is no penetration. However, there is an intimate touching of erotic zones the yoni (vagina) or lingam (penis) depending on the sex of client. This is done to achieve multiple orgasms.

So why choose this type of massage. There are many benefits that come with tantric massage. The majority of the benefits depends on the profession and gender of the client. Below is an outline of the common benefits.

Mental benefits

  1. Stress reduction

The world is a tough place to be considering the inflation, education pressures, and job pressures and so on. When under stress your mind tends to underperform. To get the energy back, a tantric massage can be very helpful. With the touching and orgasm, the body produces feel-good hormones elevating the stress.

  1. Spiritual Reconnection

Tantric massage is a portal to spiritual reconnection. With the erotic touch, both the masseuse and the client connect to their roots. This keeps them in touch with their soul. At such moments, the body, soul and mind become one giving the client a sense of inner understanding never experienced before.

  1. Mental clarity

When the body is free of pain and stress, things are more defined. Decision making is sound and the moods stable.

  1. Emotional freedom

There is lots of anger, sadness, jealousy and other unhealthy feeling locked in our bodies. Tantric massage is personal and with all the love given, one tends to let go most of the baggage providing emotional freedom.

Physical benefits                                    

  1. Improved blood circulation

Poor communication of the nerves and stress cause poor circulation of the blood. With the release of pressure on the muscles, the body gains back the control, eliminating any low or higher blood pressure.

  1. Relaxed muscles

As a result of bad postures as we work or sleep, the body develops muscle and joint pains. Tantric massage alleviates such discomforts.

Sexual benefits

Controlled and enhanced ejaculations

There is a myriad of sexual benefits from this type of massage provided in London. One of the primary ones is enhanced ejaculatory. During the massage, the therapist will help control the urge for orgasm. At the end, it’s prolonged and more intensive. This helps improve client’s self-esteem if they were suffering from pre-mature ejaculations.

As aforementioned, tantric massage comes with physical, mental and sexual benefits. To enjoy the benefits all you have to do is book an appointment and witness the experience.

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