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What is a Sensual Massage?

Massage have several types and one among them is sensual massage. It is not quite different from the other massage types since it uses hands and oil for massage. Seems too common but with a sensual massage, the hand movement is creative.

The whole idea behind a sensual massage is to use hands to stimulate the sense of touch. It is used to make you relax and comfortable. It is normally associated with sex since it promotes sexual life and is very famous among couples. But sexual contact isn’t a necessary part of a sensual massage. If you are in a parlour, it might not lead to an orgasm.

Sensual massage starts like any traditional massage. The therapist will gently rub her hands on your body. If you are in a spa, it is highly unlikely that it will lead to sexual contact. However, if you are looking for a spa that will offer sensual massage that will lead to orgasm, you can find one easily. Though spas and massage parlours don’t advertise it but if you ask them, they will offer you a lot.

Sensual massage among couples definitely leads to sexual contact. It is one way to improving your relationship with your partner and is quite famous among couples in western countries.

Why you should get a sensual massage

So what’s so special about this massage type and why you should opt for it specifically when you visit a spa next time?

First things first, sensual massage is not offered in professional spas so don’t ask for it when you are visiting a professional spa. If you are interested in a sensual massage, you should first ask the spa.

Sensual massage is more of a couple massage where you both massage each other gently and it eventually leads to sexual contact. So the number one reason you need to go for a sensual massage before orgasm is to enjoy and relax.

You don’t want to rush to orgasm, right?

What fun it’d be to quickly jump to orgasm. You have to enjoy time with your partner and there couldn’t be any better way than sensual massage to do it.

There are other reasons why you should get a sensual massage. For instance, it helps improve your relationship with your partner, it helps improve premature ejaculation by giving you more control, and it has a relaxing and calm feeling.

Benefits of a sensual massage

There are several benefits that you derive from this type of massage.

  • It improves your sexual life.
  • It helps you build strong relationship with your partner.
  • It is a great treatment for premature ejaculation.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • It reduces stress.
  • Improves your energy and makes you happy.
  • It also improves your immune system.

Sensual massage carries all the benefits that you get from any massage type that uses hands such as tantric massage.

Sensual massage is a great way to get relaxed, relieve your stress, and find the true meaning of life. You should get a sensual massage if you haven’t yet. You’d love it. Book yours today!