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For those that are not really sure about tantra and what it means, then it is basically a very sacred and erotic dance which is carried out between masculine and feminine, dark and light etc or basically sometimes referred to as the union of opposites leading to a much more fulfilling whole.

Tantra is an ancient form which was actually born in the 13th century and has progressed over the years to become on of the most popular forms of erotic therapy and a way in which people can express themselves fully in a sexual manner and at the same time achieve inner peace.

Tantra is seen by many as a way of living and embraces and empowers one another through love and caring. It is through the art of tantra being applied to massage therapy that one can really learn to discover themselves sexually and also learn to enjoy erotic experiences more and essentially bring them to a whole new level of sexual freedom.

We offer a range of different tantra massage London therapies and these all offer some really positive benefits for mind, body and soul for clients. It is something that is designed for men, women as well as couples and some of the benefits include:

• Awaken the senses and discover unknown erogenous zones within the body
• Helps you to control emotions better as well as harnessing sexual energy
• Tantra breathing techniques can be very good for relaxation and learning sexual control
• Fire Breathing – this allows for the heightening of the senses and stimulating energy flow through the body

Clients that are able to approach the whole tantra teachings with an open heart and open mind generally get the most of tantra massage sessions with us and this can lead to those embracing the art of tantra with inner peace and joy!

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