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What is a Sensual Massage?

By admin | Oct 24, 2017

Massage have several types and one among them is sensual massage. It is not quite different from the other massage types since it uses hands and oil for massage. Seems too common but with a sensual massage, the hand movement is creative. The whole idea behind a sensual massage is to use hands to stimulate…

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5 Reasons to go for a Tantric Massage in London Today

By admin | Jun 28, 2017

Tantric massage is a highly associated with sensual touch. This makes it the best procedure of an erotic massage. As the name suggests, the massage focuses on sexual pleasure using authentic tantric practice. The benefits are not just the sexual pleasure as the client reap a couple of other medical benefits. Tantric massage tends to…

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See us for the best tantric massage in Mayfair

By admin | Jun 6, 2017

The upmarket area of Mayfair in West London close to Marble Arch and Hyde Park is the perfect place to let one;s hair down and indulge in some sensual massage therapy. If you choose the tantric massage temple for this you will certainly not be disappointed with the service that you receive. All the masseuses…

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A Deep Sense of Tantric Relaxation

By admin | May 23, 2017

If you ever face problems when attempting to relax in a physically intimate setting then our massage will help you feel at one with the world and your body. The atmosphere created in the sessions makes it easy to achieve a state of relaxation, via oils, music, candles and the reassuring qualities of your Goddess.…

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the power of sensual tantra in london

Tantra and the power of the Senses

By admin | May 8, 2017

Tantra is all about using the senses to their full potential and channeling the energies from within, in a spiritual way. The ultimate aim is for you to become fully in control of your being, and learn the techniques and philosophies to fully enhance the human sexual and emotional experience. Lovemaking is seen as a…

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Join us in Liverpool Street for Sensual Tantric Massage

By admin | May 8, 2017

Liverpool Street is one of London’s major transport links into and out of the City of London. Some of the largest companies in the country are based here and is in the heart of London’s financial district. The Tantric Temple offers tourists and city workers a perfect opportunity to take a break and relax from…

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Tantric Massage at London’s Finest Tantric Temple

By admin | Apr 16, 2017

The London Tantric Temple Tantric massage can be seen as a form of sex therapy and can heighten your susceptibility toward sexual stimulation. It can be used to heighten your level of arousal without a climax being reached, meaning that your level of sexual desire is increased for subsequent sexual events. Tantra can enable you…

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Benefits of Outcall Massage in London

By admin | Feb 23, 2016

Over the last few years things have changed in the capital with more and more people turning to use massage therapy nowadays as people have realized the real benefits that this type of therapy can bring to body and mind. There are so many types of massage techniques available throughout the world and each one…

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experience all the benefits of sensual prostate massage in London with us at the Temple

Benefits of Prostate Massage

By admin | Feb 3, 2016

Benefits of Prostate Massage There is no other way better than massaging to relieve all your stress and anxiety away other than perhaps a sexy tantric massage. Indulging in massaging provides you with an experience that you will never forget. No matter you have been stressed or suffering from various sexual problems, massaging can help…

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