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Tantric Massage in Liverpool Street EC2

Centrally located in the heart of London’s financial district, Liverpool Street is more than just a place where bankers talk business. Home to busy Liverpool Street Station, Liverpool Street is abuzz with residents, commuters, tourists, and partygoers from morning to night. It’s also a place where you can find the best erotic massage.

It’s seldom that one street has such variety on offer! Families can enjoy the Broadgate Ice Rink, view the largest privately owned aquarium in the UK housed in Heron Tower, or visit Old Spitalfields Market before settling down to a family meal at one of the local restaurants.

But not every event needs to be a family event…

The pubs on Liverpool Street offer the perfect reprieve after a tough day at the office or a rough day of parenting. And for those seeking a more adult form of relaxation, an erotic massage in Liverpool Street is the ultimate experience.

Perfect for singles or couples, an erotic massage provides an overall sense of health and wellness because it treats physical, mental, and emotional blockages in one massage session.

Which type of sensual erotic treatment should you choose?

When it comes to erotic massage, there’s a variety from which to choose.

If it’s your first time, perhaps you should try a full body to body massage. With a body to body massage, you and your masseuse are both naked as she massages your body with her body. During this intimate experience, you’ll learn how to control your breath and move your body’s subtle energies for a heightened sexual experience.

Something a little more adventurous is a Nuru massage, which is a body to body massage in which both you and your masseuse are covered in gel and you massage each other by slipping and sliding against each other. In addition to heightened sensuality and intensified sexual awareness, the gel is filled with vitamins and anti-oxidants that leave your skin feeling soft and supple.

A Yoni massage is for women wanting to connect with their inner goddesses. “Yoni” is derived from the Sanskrit word, “sacred space” and, appropriately so, a Yoni massage focuses on the vagina with love and adoration. During a Yoni massage, your masseuse gently massages your vagina and releases all blockages that may lead to the inhibition of your sexual self.

A Lingam massage is for the me. “Lingam”, which is the Sanskrit word for “penis”, can be translated into “wand of light”. This wand of light most likely refers to the sexual energy found in a man’s penis. Through a Lingam massage, this sexual energy is awakened, stimulated, and channeled back into the body causing multiple orgasms.

A Lingam massage could also include the massaging of the prostate. A Prostate massage can be done for pure pleasure as it’s as its often referred to as the male G-spot, or for medical reasons, being an important part of the male reproduction system.

Whichever type of sensual erotic treatment you choose, the experience is likely to bring you back to Liverpool Street for more.

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