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If you're looking for the ultimate tantric massage in London, we can schedule your visit to meet your individual needs. Our services are all unique and different, but below is a list of the recurring elements you'll be able to enjoy as part of them-

• Meditation
• Tantric Breathing Exercises
• Body Worship & Exploration
• Nude Body to Body Massage
• Prostate Massage – Exploring the male g-spot
• Lingam Massage – Male phallus
• Yoni Massage – Female intimate area
• Tantric Coaching
• Sexual Therapy
• Identifying Problems
• Tantric Healing
• Chakra Re-Alignment

Tantric Massage Services

You can unlock magical possibilities from within yourself. Choose the Tantric Massage Temple for the ultimate sensory experience; a blissful sensual erotic massage treatment in London. Here are details of some of our most popular sessions.

Tantric Massage Temple Foundation Session

60 Minutes - £120

This is recommended to you if it's your first visit to the Tantric Massage Temple. Beginning with a shower, you'll move to the floor with your Goddess for a short period of meditation before worship. Your Goddess will then move you to the massage table to awake your senses and build up your sexual energies. Prostate massage and breathing techniques will teach you how to prolong pleasure for you and your partner and to achieve the whole body orgasm.

Bathing Ritual Session or Full Body Worship Session

90 Minutes - £180

Either enjoy Tantric bathing rituals with a full body massage or choose a full body worship session where your Goddess will tease your entire body. If you feel you'd benefit from deep relaxation, bathing is a great place to begin; your Goddess will use bathing to cleanse your body and mind. For a more erotic experience and deep spiritual connection with your Goddess; choose the full body session. The body worship session gives you a full body-to-body connection, where your Goddess will use her nude body and hands to worship you.

Mutual Connection Tantric Session

120 Minutes - £240

If you've visited us before and have met the Goddess you are booking with then this is the option for you. This session is created for those who are experienced in the art of Tantra and perhaps have an established connection with their Goddess. Share breathing exercises, holding, eye-gazing and enjoy mutual full body worship.

4 Hands Tantric Massage Session

60 Minutes - £220 or 90 Minutes - £300 (discounted rate £180/60mins, £270/90mina)

This experience is wonderful for those who would like to make the leap from the treatments they have already enjoyed. Imagine pair of Goddesses attending to your body and senses in the most magical and intense way possible. That's 2 beautiful female forms, 4 hands and 20 fingers to worship you. Experience different sensations and movements from two experienced therapists; heightening the pleasure and sexual possibilities for full body orgasms.

Unique Double Goddesses Yoni Ritual Session

90 minutes - £330

After a shower, share wine with your two Goddesses before beginning the session with relaxed breathing. You'll hug, hold, gaze to help you relax and connect with each other. 'Yoni' is the Sanskrit word for the female divine passage; it is cherished with love and respect. During this session, you can worship the sacred space of your Goddesses using feathers, flowers or your warm breath. You receive mutual gratification from two exquisite, nude beauties. It is ideal to learn about and explore the female form and discover new techniques to send your lover wild.

This session requires pre-booking as you'll need to reserve 2 Goddesses, although, we also offer the ritual session with one goddess. This is £160 for a 60 minute session or £220 for a 90 minute session.

Traditional Tantra Butterfly Session

60 Minutes - £300

This involves an intimate 60 minute session with 3 Goddesses, to connect you with the true potential of your sexuality and the sensual and spiritual power of Tantra. Experience complete sexual fulfilment and multiple, whole body orgasms. The 6 hands and 30 tantalising fingers will bring you to new heights of pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. The body worship session is designed to help you discover a deep awareness of your sexuality.

Unique Couple Tantric Journey

60 Minutes - £270 or 90 Minutes £380

Share an intimate erotic massage in London to bring you and your partner to ecstasy, including Shiva and Shakti Worship. This unique service is designed especially for couples who wish to pleasure each other to the highest potency. You'll explore the spiritual side of lovemaking to bring a new dimension to your relationship. This is the perfect way to reconnect with your partner and inject the spice back into your sex lives.

A pair of Goddesses will lead you and your partner to explosive pleasure through full body worship; sensual and erotic massage and exploration of your sacred spots. We welcome you to contact us before booking to explain your needs. This will allow us to orchestrate the session perfectly for you and your partner.

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