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The Art of Tantric Massage in London

People give and receive massages for a wide variety of reasons; ranging from physical therapy in order to aid recovery from an ailment, to stress relief or to help maintain optimum physical appearance.

Tantra or Tantric religion is an ancient tradition of Hindu origin consisting of meditations, beliefs, rites and practices aimed at helping to channel divine energy into a human.

Tantric massage is the application of intricate massage techniques in such a way as to achieve the goals of tantrism.

Many popular religions offer spiritual growth at the expense of physical pleasure; but tantrism outrightly disagrees. It holds in Tantra, that sensual and physical pleasure hold the key to spiritual growth, and it is impossible to achieve one without the other.

Central to Tantra is its belief in spirit or energy force, and that the universe – and us individually – are all filled with the same energy. This energy happens to get obstructed sometimes and Tantrics understand that good work on the body can enable healing and re – integrate the energy in us with the surrounding spirit energy as well as rid us and our bodies of accumulated rubbish.

The massage techniques involved in Tantric massage hinge on the two participants (the giver and the receiver) performing two main functions.

-              The giver’s only duty is to apply his/her touch in a way that feels good to themselves – not the receiver. This is a way of keeping in line with the giving attitude that tantrism promotes – to give the massage like a gift to the giver and it will in turn enhance the pleasure with which it reaches the receiver.

-              The duty of the receiver is to remain present to every little touch and to breathe deep circular breaths that are aimed at helping him/her to stay in the present moment as well as assist in the movement of the desired sexual energy throughout their body as the massage progresses.

A few other points to note include;

-              Remember it is a loving gift and as such should be done without ignoring often neglected spots such as the inner thighs, buttocks, neck and the likes.

-              The success of it will also depend on the elimination of time frames and schedules; having such will keep the mind pre – occupied and hinder the successful completion of the massage to achieve the desired goals.

-              The final process of it begins with the hands being placed on the receivers heart and concludes with a sensual body to body massage that enhances the oneness of both partners.

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